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Friday 3rd September

Church CP, Kingskerswell this Friday 7:30PM. On down to Man Pig’s for a swim followed by the usual beer at the Lord Nelson. On On !!
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February Update

Maverick was tracked down in a Pub in Chudleigh Knighton last night. Kingskerswell Hashing will be back soon !! The first Friday in April has been announced as the first date of the 2010 Calender and it is rumoured that we may run fromDecoy Park in Newton Abbot. Strong rumour is that the on down will be the Lord Nelson in Kingskerswell. On On !!
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Kingskerswell Hash House Harriers Information

Kingskerswell Hash House Harriers run the first Friday of every month, summer months only.
They have tried to continue through the winter but numbers reduced to one so it has been kept as a summer only hash.
There are rumours that this year some winter hares may step forward so we will see ……….
September and October runs you will need a torch as it is Dark !!
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Sir Limpalot and Noo (Noo not named, suggestions please!), Bakers Park, Newton Abbot, 3rd July 2009

Driving to Newton Abbot, Winalot and I had to phone Arfanar as the google map couldn’t find Bakers Park. The directions got us straight to the awaiting group of hashers including Sir Limpalot and Noo (the hares), Arfanar, Pitbull with two children, Free Range with two children, Shortie, thingy from Haldon H3, Elmo, Doris, Rambo, Cinderfella, Miss Whiplash and Cathusalem. Don’t think I missed anyone? Sorry if I did….. Anyway, the hares explained that someone elses trail had also been laid in the same woods but that it would be fine (yeah right!).
We set off across the park to a check. Cinderfella went wrong which is always a good start. Thingy from Haldon H3 was correct and we scampered off up the road and then down into some woods.
The wrong way at a couple of checks soon left me scrambling at the rear end with Noo (sweeping), Elmo and Doris. Elmo had the neighbour’s dog with him who I was thinking of naming "trip hazard". I introduced myself to Cathusalem (is that how you spell it?) en route. He’s an Otter Valley Hasher who travels to the far east a lot.
A few more checks and Doris and I found ourselves at the front of the pack !! Doris was an FRB !! She admitted that she felt quite uncomfortable with runners behind her.
Rambo exclaimed that he had a golden ball which we all found quite interesting but it only turned out to be a golden rule and it was "never check downhill". 9 out of 10 times he is right which is where I seem to go wrong!
We ran across some rivers which felt quite refreshing and then had to run back again ! One of the little boys made the mistake of turning around to talk to someone while running through the woods and he ran into a tree stump and went arse over tit landing on his back. He seemed to survive and carried on running. Potential naming "BackDrop"? "fallen boy"? suggestions for next month !
Across another river we found Sir Limpalot tucking into beer and sweeties so we all stopped to assist. Great regroup – thanks guys. After a couple of beers and a couple of sweets Dolittle appeared from the forest !! Dolittle was welcomed, we celebrated with another beer and another sweet. On on through some scrub land and to Guzunder’s Gate – not the official name but it was the fatefull gate that Guzunder went under the night she was named with Ash Hash nearly two years ago.
We came to another river crossing and for some reason Cinderfella was trying to make his dog jump over a weir. The dog nearly made it and also nearly fell to a grim end but luckily there was enough water below to soften the impact.
On on we went … foresty paths, plenty of checks and then came across Sir Limpalot again, this time directing hashers into a sewer. I’ve seen this done before at the end of Shawshank Redemption so knew it was possible, we funnelled through bottles and condoms and eventually the survivors were able to breathe fresh air again. Dolittle attempted to negotiate a canyon which she nearly came a cropper – she was however able to point to an easier route, the information which I then passed on to the following pack. On Home then back to the car park where we were all entertained by local chavs and chavettes reving and reversing their cars out of the car park practicing their hands signs (maybe their indicators didn’t work!?). I asked if anyone had seen Arfanar and Winalot and then realised that I was asking …. Arfanar and Winalot !
On Down to the Lord Nelson where we found Maverick without lipstick and Guzunder with a balloon hat and a short skirt. Fun was had by all and then a guest appearance by Manpig to see the night through to a hazy end.
A great trail by Sir Limpalot and Noo – Thanks Guys and On On until next month …….
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